Isaac Merrill House Renovations


Porch Renovations
Dining Room Renovations
Living Room Renovations

When we purchased the inn in November of 2016, we knew we would have some renovations ahead of us.  Our main focuses were to repair the existing porch, work on the dining room floor, and patch up and paint throughout the building.  The porch repair quickly became a teardown and rebuild, the dining room floor turned into a complete renovation, and the patching and painting into brand new walls.  We originally had planned on spending 30 days renovating, setting us up to open for Christmas vacation.  However, with the amount of work needed, we decided it was more important to open a beautiful inn that we would be proud of, rather than rushing the renovations.

On February 17, 2017, the Isaac Merrill House Inn re-opened for business.  While we continue to make improvements on a regular basis, all major renovations are complete and we are excited to share them with you and your family!  We know you will fall in love with this beautiful old building, just as we have, and encourage you to take a look at the photos throughout the transformation.  We have broken the renovations down into three main categories: porch, dining room, and common areas.  We hope you enjoy seeing not only where we came from, but what we have become, and all the fun in between!


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